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We take pride in the culture we have created here at E.M.E! Due to the nature of our work, we have been able to attract talent from all over the world, making the environment extremely diverse. We typically attract a ‘Type-A’ personality, someone who is naturally extroverted, competitive, sporty, a perfectionist, and influential.

With this type of person there needs to be a good set of standards in place

We do not judge people based on ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, etc. We believe that if someone is willing to work hard, be coachable, and have an excellent attitude toward not being good straight away, they can do well.

Training people internally allows us to develop great people in different departments. Like a well-oiled machine, things can run autonomously without micromanagement!

Sometimes in workplaces, it can feel like the person above you doesn’t know what they are doing! However, all our senior staff members have been internally trained to give any staff member the industry knowledge they need to complete the task at hand to his/hers/them highest ability.

Competitive environments are suitable to drive results for our clients, but this is done in a friendly manner. Competition can sometimes be seen negatively as people try to ‘one-up each another, but here, we incorporate team competition to include every member of staff towards a common goal.

Rewarding employees is essential, but this doesn’t come without hard work, as this is how you measure incentives. In the office and the field, we like to get the job done, hit targets, and come through for our clients, but at the same time, there needs to be an element of camaraderie and relationship to create that feeling of a bigger purpose at play.

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Event agents are a key part of what we do here at Marketing Everywhere, they would be on the front line representing our clients products and services so would need to be extroverted, a type-A personality and courageous when speaking to total strangers. Ideally this person comes from one of the following industries; hospitality, events or retail but it is not necessary as we train everyone internally. Day to day responsibilities would including:

– Sales presentations
– Talking to customers
– Negotiating with customers
– Stock control
– Being the face of a brand
– Traveling to event sites

Team managers would take some of the tasks away from the senior managers so they would need to organized, a leader of people, outspoken and diplomatic. As we grow our offices nationwide there will be daily responsibilities given to the team managers such as:

– Interviewing
– Training
– Public speaking
– Running team meetings
– Organizing team nights
– Controlling inventory
– Paperwork with new hires
– Attending and running business trips

Our admins are an integral part of the day to day runnings. In a fast paced environment our admins need to be good at multi-tasking and great with first impressions as they are the first person people see when they enter our offices. They would have responsibilities such as:

– Filing paperwork
– Onboarding new hires
– Checking emails
– Processing payments for employees
– Background checks
– Meet and greet people that come into the office

As a company, we want to grow to 100 markets in the next 10 years! To do that we need people that can lead groups of 20-30 people autonomously in different markets, run projects and hit KPI’s that the client is looking for. They would have the chance to work with clients in the charity sector, telecommunications, federal, retail, sports betting, gas & electric and comparison websites. They will have responsibilities such as:

– Running team meetings
– Pay roll
– Client meetings
– Quarterly quotas
– Teaching and training staff members
– Weekly conference calls with clients
– Interviewing potential candidates
– Expansion strategies
– Data analysis
– Control your own schedule and hours

Internships here are taken very seriously as they are used to give people a ‘trial in the life of’ a sales and marketing career. The internship are seasonal (mainly summer) either full time or part time but would need to be at least 3 full time days per week. The internship is a rotational program for 12 weeks where the first 4 weeks would be learning skills such as:

– Sales
– Marketing theory
– Self management
– Company ethics

We then branch off into the second portion of the internship which should last roughly 8 weeks but now focusing on obtaining knowledge in the following:

– Training entry level staff
– Team management
– How to grow and scale a business
– Entrepreneurship
– Recruitment
– International expansion