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Marketing Everywhere NYC. The best way to take your brand everywhere!

Marketing Everywhere

As our name suggests our goal is to go EVERYWHERE! We take your message and we make sure it is heard everywhere.

Brand Awareness

Committed to raising your brand awareness and helping you get the recognition you deserve.

Sales Generated

If you're looking for an easy way to boost your sales and grow your business, check out our guaranteed sales program today!

Every company needs representation and awareness

Our company was created for one purpose: to fill a void in our clients’ needs. COVID-19 significantly impacted the modern world, and so many people thought face-to-face communication would steadily decline after the lockdown; they were wrong! The demand for our services has never been needed more than now. The need for big companies to immerse their brand and have a presence with the day-to-day consumer is rising steadily due to the increase in competition.

Every company needs representation and awareness to let people know about their new products and services; however, the two matrices that big business owners want to drive the most are revenue and market share, which is where we thrive the most. We offer every client a ‘no win, no fee basis, which means we do not get paid until the completion of a project, giving every client a great return on their budgets.

Marketing to generate just brand awareness in a very competitive market isn’t enough. Clients want sales generated to keep the business going. This is what our business also specializes in, getting the end consumer-inspired through face-to-face communication to buy there and then with one of our staff members.

Services we provide

It’s essential to understand that the clients we work with will choose the campaign that we execute on their behalf as we tailor our services to whatever the client wants. This has allowed us to grow a tremendous amount in a very short period in the UK and USA.

Pop up

Pop-up events are very simple and low maintenance, they are normally used by our charity / federal clients. The goal here is to reach a large audience very quickly so they are normally set up in busy commuter spots.


These events are more corporate and have less flexibility. Typically held in Hyatts and Hiltons, they are used to get people familiar with the face-to-face side of the brand and gauge the interest of the end consumer rather than generate the initial sale. These are generally used by our telecommunication clients.

Trade fair shows

Trade fairs come with a hefty markup, so they are usually expensive; however, they are great at generating more customers. You will see and meet many people in a short period, so it is incredibly fast-paced. The clients that use these vary depending if they want to pay the expense.

Retail events

These events depend on whether the client we are working with has a retail partnership with stores such as Best Buy / Stop & Shop / Walmart. They are highly effective in driving revenue and market share for our clients with relatively low costs to the client's pocket. Telecommunication clients or charity-based clients usually use these types of events.

Want to join our team?

We take pride in the culture we have created here at Marketing Everywhere! Due to the nature of our work, we have been able to attract talent from all over the world, making the environment extremely diverse. We typically attract a ‘Type-A’ personality, someone who is naturally extroverted, competitive, sporty, a perfectionist, and influential.